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Welcome to Compareabc.com

The comparison site that makes life easy!

Compareabc.com is a brand new website dedicated to the consumer.

  • We are the home of all the rated comparison sites.
  • Our purpose is to allow you to easily compare comparison sites in their chosen categories.
  • Compare all of the comparisons sites against one another to find the cheapest & best offers.
  • We need your help to build the first CSC©, the Consumer Safe Community.
  • If with your help we can achieve this, we will be able to provide a website where -

We reduce the risk of:

  • Being ripped off!
  • Paying too much for a product or service!
  • Being mislead!

We increase the rate to:

  • Get the best deal!
  • Find the cheapest prices!
  • Not get ripped off!


Take a moment and write a review, or make a YouTube video review and let us build a safe place to shop for everyone.

Why you can trust us

  • Our foundation, structure and philosophy are Customer Evolution. This means we are proud to be a consumer lead company.
  • Your feedback is the most important product to us, because the more our customers can tell us about what they like and don’t like, the more accurately we can rate the comparison sites. The more accurately we can rate them, the more you can trust us.
  • Which is why we don’t just rely on industry experts. We believe that you, the consumer, are the greatest expert. After all, no one uses the products and services like you do.
  • When it comes to the sites we feature, we don’t choose favorites. We offer impartial and independent comparisons and our results are always ranked by online reviews and our customer’s experience.


That’s why we are a consumer lead comparison and review website.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Should I just buy direct from providers?

  • If you have the time, you should always check the provider’s prices directly at their websites and compare them to those of the comparison site price.


Shouldn’t I try more than one comparison site?

  • That is a big fat yes! Absolutely, check as many sites as possible. That is why we believe so much in the compareabc.com philosophy of bringing all of the comparison websites to your fingertips.  


Why Customer evolution?

  • Nobody knows the products and services like you do. That’s why we’ve created customer evolution which allows you to make a quick or detailed note and review of your online shopping experience.
  • Write a quick review and rate the sites, post pictures and videos of products you’ve bought or video your customer service experiences as they happen.
  • Tell other site users about sites and trends you have discovered that you think they may be interested in and more.


This is how together we not only become a Consumer Safe Community, but we can also become a Consumer Smart Community. 

Consumer lead reviews help all of us in:

  • How to avoid getting ripped off!
  • How to shop safe!
  • Avoiding criminals and fraudsters!



  • We believe in quality over quantity. So instead of just filling our pages full of sites and then leaving it up to you to work out the good from the bad, we have in most cases only picked sites we could find online ratings on.
  • Variety is the spice of life and quick and simple is the name of the game. We have tried to design the site in a way that lets you see the most important info at a glance.


Shopping service coming soon!

So please come on and join the CSC© Revolution!  

We thank you for taking the time to read this!

Write and Read reviews

Reviews pages.

The easiest way to write or read reviews is to click on the "comparison sites" link on the menu above or click on the button at the bottom of this page.

This will take you to the category page where you'll find the desired category, then click on that category's link.

Once completed, look for the company logo of the website you wish to write a review on and select the "write and read a review" button for that company website.

This will take you to that particular websites review page where you can read or write reviews.

If you wish to write a review, whether it's short or detailed, a review box is provided. Just fill in the required parts and then write your review in the review/comment box.

You can also rate the site by giving a star rating from 0 to 5.

YouTube reviews 

If reading and writing are not for you but you would like to leave a review of a comparison site or product, then make a YouTube review.

Click on the "YouTube reviews" link in the menu to find out more!

Our services

Compareabc.com is a brand new website. Help us by joining the CSCx2 Revolutions & leave a review
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No one knows the products and services like you do. That is why we created customer evolution which allows you to make a quick or detailed note and review of your online shopping experience.

Our advantages

We make life simple

By alowing you to compare comparison sites all in one space.

We save you time & money

With a quick and simple navigation and information system.

Customer evolution

Our web site is constantly updated and improved to suit our customer’s needs.


Our results are always ranked by online reviews and our customer’s experience.